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The Secret To A Smooth Wedding

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

wedding party getting ready photos
It takes planning to have a happy bridal party like this one!

Is it your first time planning a wedding? Need some advice? How about some advice from your photographer! Take it from someone who has done this MANY times. I have seen what works and what does NOT.

I want to be your photographer AND your wedding expert.

Here's the secret. It's all about the schedule. Set your self up for success.

I'm not really a talented writer or blogger so Im just going to write the ideal wedding schedule I suggest. If you follow this your wedding will go off without a hitch!

Getting ready photos


Bridal party photos


Cocktail hour (family photos)


Obviously there is way more to the day but follow this outline and you will be happy!

The main thing is to get the bridal party and couple photos done before the ceremony. This leaves the family photos for the cocktail hour. And trust me, by this time you are ready to party and you are done with photos. The groomsmen want to get strait to the bar! Haha Lets be honest.

There is always that one uncle or sister who IS going to be late. Trust me. That's why the family photos have to be after the ceremony.

I know, I know, You might not want him to see you before the ceremony. Traditions are important, but if you are on the fence please take my advice and do a first look! You will be so much less stressed if you get most of the photos done before the ceremony!

Trying to fit ALL the photos into the cocktail hour is hard. So save your self the stress!

There's my two cents! Good Luck.



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