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Deciding If You Need A Wedding Planner or Coordinator! + My Recs for Sacramento & Tahoe Locals

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a day of coordinator?

A wedding planner is:

Your go to gal (or gent) who is there, working with you to plan EVERY DETAIL of your big day. Vendor contracts, design choices, budget, date, flowers, decorations, dress,

schedule, venue, photos, wedding party, hair & makeup, officiant, invites etc.. Some wedding planners include day of services some don't.

A wedding coordinator is:

Wedding coordinators take everything already planned by YOU. Then they take care of it all on the day of. This takes any stress away so you can just focus on being in the moment. They keep everyone on schedule, deal with all the vendors, any problems that arise etc...

...and the in between:

Most of my local recommendations listed below, do both services or have a middle ground between a full wedding planning and someone who just shows up day of! Go check out what they offer! They can customize to help you get exactly what you need.

What is best for you and your wedding?

First of all you have to ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much experience have I had with weddings?

  2. How comfortable am I with DIY?

  3. Do I have family willing to help?

  4. How big is my wedding going to be?

  5. How much time do I have to dedicate to planning?

As a photographer who has been to over 75 weddings I can tell you that I definitely recommend employing at-least a day of coordinator. I consider myself somewhat of a day of coordinator in the fact that many times I'm the one running around making sure things are staying on schedule and going smoothly. But its always nice to have that taken care of by a coordinator!

You just need to know that at least a few things are going to go wrong on your big day. Its just a fact haha But when you have someone ready to take care of the problems that arise YOU WILL be so grateful! Trust me!

At my wedding I had a problem in the kitchen with the food during my reception. It all worked out but I had NO idea until days later! Thats exactly how it should be!

Now for my recommendations!

Here are my fav Sacramento & Tahoe Wedding Planners & Coordinators:

  • Marcella Camille Events The photos from this blog were from a wedding where I got to work with Marci. It was such a fun and well planned wedding! Marci offers wedding planning as well as wedding coordination.

  • Events by Evelyn Evelyn is a Wedding Coordinator who provides month of coordination and also officiant services!



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