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Do you feel awkward in front of the camera?

Do you feel awkward in front of the camera?

You and 95% of the population!!!!

Seriously in every.single. phone call I have with my couples I hear, "We are so awkward and not photogenic at all!" .... Sound like you?

Well have no fear! Thats why I'm here!

Seriously its my job to tell you exactly what to do. I'll even come over and place your hand exactly where it needs to go!

Posed vs. Candid

I like to combine a little bit of both. I read my couple. If they seem really uncomfortable with candid pose prompts I wont do them. I will be very specific with what I want you to do. Or if I see two posing naturals, I will let them do their cute little thing with less posing.

I honestly have way too much power haha I can make you do basically whatever I want!

I will call out commands and I'm always obeyed! "NOW KISS!" 😘

Basically I am your PRO and I will definitely take care of all of it so please don't worry about being awkward. I will make you feel and look like a natural. I promise!



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