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What is a First Look? And why you should you do one!

What is a First Look?

Some couples are more traditional and wait for that treasured moment when the groom gets to see his beautiful bride for the very first time as she walks down that isle. That truly can be a very special moment BUT there are just as many good reasons to opt for a first look instead.

A First Look is where the two of you get to have your own private moment together. The Groom has his back turned while the beautiful bride slowly walks to him and with a little tap on the shoulder he turns around and takes her in for the very first time. It's just the two of you together in that very precious moment, without an audience and without anyone else, but me haha! With my big zoom lens I'll be afar away and you can just pretend I'm not there. Many couples love it so they can get their tears out of the way! Personally I prefer it and I did one for my wedding!

Why is a day of First Look smarter for your schedule?

If you decide to do a first look before your ceremony, then you will be able to do all your bridal party photos done before the ceremony as well! This means after youre married you won't have to spend your whole cocktail hour taking pictures, but can go enjoy more time with your guests! We will do family photos right after your ceremony but after that youre free!!! It really helps your wedding day flow better. Trust me.

Is there more than one type of a First Look shoot?

There are 2 different types of First Look Shoots. First we have the Day of Wedding First Look. Before the ceremony, we go off somewhere more private at the venue and you have your little first look. This is becoming more and more popular and half of my couples choose this. After the reveal we spend a short amount of time taking a few more photos of you two.

The Second type is my FAVORITE type of shoot to do hands down. We get to go to the PERFECT LOCATION with the PERFECT LIGHTING at the PERFECT TIME and take the PERFECT PICTURES! This separate photoshoot can be the day before, the week before, a month before, or even a week after the wedding! Yes it costs more money because its a separate photoshoot but its so worth it! It decreases stress on the wedding day because you do not have to worry about getting alot of photos of just you two on the day of. And you can even print these photos for decoration at your reception. Of course we will get good photos of you two at your Venue on the day of BUT we can get even more AMAZING photos when its a whole other shoot. When you see those incredible bridal photos on blogs and insta those usually aren't on the day of, those are usually from a set planned out shoot where everything is perfect. I HIGHLY suggest this shoot and the pictures I got from my first look are my absolute favorite and hang all over my walls.



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