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To The Bridal Party: 5 Tips and Tricks for Making This a Wedding to Remember for Your Best Friends!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021


Hello! If you're reading this then you're a lucky member of an awesome bridal party! You might be a childhood friend, a sibling, or that crazy roommate from college!

Being part of a the wedding party is not just a blast, but an important responsibility.

Here are my TOP TIPS as someone who has been apart of

many wedding parties and has photographed more than her fair share!

1. Happy Helpers

Be there to make everything easier for your bride or groom! Help with the train, straighten that bow tie, run back to the car and get the earrings! Ease any stress and do it with a smile.

2. Attitude of Champions!

Your vibes matter! Forget yourself and make it all about the B&G!

Tips: Hype them up! High energy!

No complaining

No getting drunk (until after the speeches)

3. Photo Ready / Know the Timeline

This one is also for my sake haha. Be ready to listen to the Photographer and follow directions. Everyone wants photos to go by fast, and the better you listen, the faster it goes! Never stress the couple out by not being where you're supposed to be. Know the timeline! And BE THERE.


The speech can be the best or worst part haha! Here are some do's and do not's:

-DONT bring up that story or inside joke you think is funny but is actually embarrassing.

-DO keep in nice and short (1-5 mins)

-DONT Swear

-DO Keep it about the couple

-DONT get drunk

-DO speak from the heart

5. Wedding Royalty

As a part of the wedding party you are wedding celebrities! You are basically being photographed the whole time. I'll be creepin on you guys all day haha. You will be closest to the B&G and therefore in alot of photos. So always be smiling and ready to be in all the candid photos.

So there you go! I hope you can take these tips and use them to have the best day ever with your best friends!






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